DIY Easy Pond Waterfall Construction


If your backyard pond could use an upgrade, you might consider adding a waterfall. Not only do waterfalls provide soothing background noise, they're great for keeping your pond's oxygen levels in balance. Waterfalls are easy to install, using a pond pump, liner and rocks.


There are two very simple types of waterfalls you can add to your existing pond. You can create a stream that ends with a waterfall, or you can build a rock wall next to the pond for water to flow over. Either way, you will need a pond pump. Submersible pumps can be found at most any home improvement store. Keep in mind the water volume of your pond. Pumps are usually sold by the volume of water they are able to move. You will also need a variety of rocks. Choose rocks that fit the look of your outdoor space. It also helps to get rocks that are of different sizes and shapes. For a variety of rocks, visit a quarry. Quarries sell rocks for outdoor use. You usually can find everything from slate to natural stone and river rock. Get flexible pond liner. Your pond might already use a flexible liner, such as PVC and EPDM rubber. The liner will be spread out to create a path for the stream.


To create a streambed, excavate an area near the pond. A short length for the stream usually works best. This makes pumping the water easier. Dig the stream about 4 inches deep. Add a couple twists and turns into the design. Next, you will lay down the liner over the excavated area. Let some of the liner overlap above the streambed. The pipe for the water pump can be located under the liner. One end of the pipe will connect to the pump in the water, while the other end comes up at the top of the stream. This will help to keep the pipe hidden, but it can be a problem if you need to access the pipe later. You can also take the pipe from the pump and trail it along the side of the stream. It can always be hidden around rocks and foliage. After the liner is in place, hold it down with rocks. Then add rocks to the path of the stream. Lay them in interesting and unique ways. Turn on the pump. Once the pump is on, make sure that the rocks in the stream are not impeding the flow of water. If needed, adjust the rocks.

Rock Wall

An easier waterfall can be created by building a rock wall. This is ideal for yards with limited space. Choose one end of the pond and stack up the rocks. Submerge the pump in the water and run the pump pipe up to the rock wall. Again, the pipe can be hidden by placing it behind plants and other garden rocks. Hide the pipe in the pile of rocks, making sure that the pipe but can still pour water through the cracks in the rocks. Plug in the pump and watch the water flow.

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