How to Get Rid of Paper Wasps


Paper wasps are considered to be a beneficial insect in the natural environment because they feed on many insect pests. It is only necessary to get rid of them when they build their nests on homes, near areas of high foot traffic and by where children play. They are a fairly harmless and non-aggressive wasp who does sting when cornered. Their nests are a honeycomb shape with no shell. The nests appear to be the thinnest paper that is fashioned from chewed wood and plant fiber.

Step 1

Destroy nests at night. Never destroy a paper nest in the daytime because this is when paper wasps are the most active. At night, most wasps are in their nest and lethargic.

Step 2

Stand at least 12 feet away from the nest and spray with a high pressure hose and nozzle. A pressure washer can also be used. Dislodge the nests using the powerful stream of water. Normally, the wasps will move on to nest in another location.

Step 3

Purchase a commercial wasp spray. Stand back away from the nest. Never stand directly under the nest or the wasps and hive might easily fall on top of you. Follow the directions on the can of commercial wasp spray.

Step 4

Knock down the wasp nests with a broom after all the wasps are dead. Bag up the wasps nests with gloved hands and dispose of them. Be sure to pick up any remaining dead paper wasps that are on the ground.

Step 5

Regularly hose off the eves of your house or any area that you do not wish wasps to nest. Regularly hosing will deter future paper wasps from building new nests in the area.

Tips and Warnings

  • Paper wasps can sting repeatedly, so be careful. In certain individuals an allergic reaction may develop that can prove lifethreatening. Never let children or pets near the area that has been sprayed with commercial wasp spray until it has thoroughly dried.

Things You'll Need

  • Hose
  • Hose nozzle
  • Pressure washer
  • Commercial wasp insecticide


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Who Can Help

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