How to Kill Ground Dwelling Bees


Bees do not build underground nests. Any encounter with a buzzing, stinging insect in the ground is most likely an encounter with a yellow jacket. Yellow jackets are wasps that are extremely aggressive and territorial, but they can be removed with the right tools and some caution.

Smothering Technique

Step 1

Start this project during the very early morning or late at night. Yellow jackets tend to be less energetic during these hours, and they also have a hard time seeing in the dark.

Step 2

Dump a large bucket or wheelbarrel full of ice on the underground nest. The ice should help prevent the yellow jackets from attacking you.

Step 3

Cover the ice with a heavy object or a tarp to seal up the hole. This will prevent the wasps from escaping your trap.

Step 4

Cover the heavy object or tarp with soil and let your trap sit for the day. Once the nest has been covered, it will have no ventilation and the heat of the day will be trapped inside the nest, killing the wasps. Yellow jackets nest during the spring and summer, so whether or not there will be enough heat or sun exposure should not be a problem.

Killing with Chemicals

Step 1

Again, start this project in the early morning or late at night. The yellow jackets will be less active and have poor night vision.

Step 2

Spray the nest with a bottle of pyrethrum aerosol. The pyrethrum will fill the nest as a gas and should kill the yellow jackets.

Step 3

Check the following day for any yellow jacket activity. If you see any activity, repeat spraying until you reach satisfactory results.

Step 4

When you have reached results that you feel are satisfactory, dust the opening with pyganic dust. This is a chemical that should continue killing yellow jackets for months and can prevent new ones from creating a new underground nest.

Tips and Warnings

  • Yellow jackets are extremely aggressive and make up most of the bee-stinging deaths in the United States. It is highly suggested that you call an exterminator to kill yellow jackets. If you decide to undertake the project by yourself, wear protective clothing and take all necessary precautions. Protective clothing includes pants, long-sleeve shirts, hats, gloves, and any other article of clothing that can help cover your body.

Things You'll Need

  • Pyrethrum aerosol
  • Pyganic dust
  • Ice
  • Dirt or soil
  • Heavy object or tarp
  • Protective clothing (e.g., hat, pants, long-sleeve shirt, and gloves)


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