Outdoor Covered Patio Ideas

Covering a patio partially encloses your outdoor living space and provides you with an array of benefits: a retreat from the elements, a cozier environment and privacy. A few options for covering your patio include a professionally-built roof, a cost-friendly covering and a natural shade provider.

Professionally-Built Roof

The best choice to block the elements from your outdoor patio is to hire a professional service to build and install a roof. You can design the roof any shape you want and even create it to match your home's roof. Opting for a vaulted ceiling increases the size of your patio space and gives you room to hang a light fixture. The sturdy construction blocks any weather element that comes from overhead, so you can enjoy the patio despite a hot sun or slight rain. Installing a roof of this caliber also enables you to design the support features. You can use columns or simple wood posts, and align them as close or as far apart as you want.

Cost-Friendly Covering

A simple roof that you can install on your own consists of an overhead trellis, which you can cover with vines and plants. Trellises with openings require a thick covering of vines and plants to prevent the sun from poking through, but trellises with wood planks that butt up against each other works well as a patio covering by itself. The support columns of an overhead trellis give you a lot of design options. You can choose to run vines and plants up the support features no matter what type of overhead trellis design you choose. You can also use a series of small wooden walls and hang light fixtures on them.

Natural Shade Provider

Trees are natural shade providers, so lining a patio with trees is a convenient way to cover your outdoor sitting area. If you live in a warm region, use coconut palm trees because their large, wide leaves provide an abundance of shade. Regions with cooler temperatures benefit from oak, maple or pine trees. You can use one large tree or line the entire patio area with trees to create a cozy nook.

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