Outdoor Country Water Fountain Ideas

The best outdoor country water fountains fit in with the natural surroundings and are durable enough to withstand the weather. Besides, a baroque marble fountain would look absurd next to a sunflower garden and white picket fence. The decorative water feature needs to complement the colors, materials and textures commonly found in the countryside.

Floral Stone Fountain

A classic, carved, white stone birdbath only needs a drain and a carved stone figurine that spouts water to turn the simple decoration into a country fountain. The birdbath consists of a fluted pedestal base with wandering vine carvings. The basin is a wide and shallow pool with carved rose and vine trim around the edges. A carved rose spouting water from the center provides a romantic fountain accent to the birdbath. A carved bird spouting water from its beak provides a rural fountain accent. The water fountain looks lovely anywhere outdoors, including the middle of the lawn, the middle of a garden, against a corner fence and next to a raised flowerbed.

Natural River Rock Fountain

Take advantage of assorted river rocks to create an outdoor water fountain with an old-fashion country style. The fountain requires a small, round, in-ground pond lined and edged with river rock. A thick cylinder of rock-covered concrete sticks up 2 feet above the waterline in the middle of the pond. A fat, round, glossy, amber-colored "vase" tops the cylinder. Water bubbles from the vase, splashes down the pedestal and falls into the pond.

Small Plant Pot Fountain

A small, stacked, terra cotta pot fountain provides a rich earthy color and simple style. The fountain can decorate any small area, such as the end of a patio or the middle of a raised flowerbed. The country fountain consists of a wide pot at the base to catch the falling water. A tall and thin pot sits in a medium pot, which sits in the middle of the base. Water falls from the tall pot, splashes into the medium pot and drips into the base.

Three-Tiered Pebble Fountain

A sealed pebble finish can turn any plain shape into an intricate piece of countryside art, especially when it comes to outdoor water fountains. The trickling water makes each assorted pebble color sparkle in the light for a dazzling display of natural hues. The finish consists of covering an object with small pebbles. A smooth and glossy surface results after you apply a thick and clear sealant over the pebbles. The tiered fountain base consists of three shallow, concrete basins on pedestals. The small basin stands in the medium basin, which stands in the large basin. The pebble-covered, outdoor, tiered fountain is decorative enough to stand alone in the middle of a lawn and rustic enough to blend into a corner of a flower garden.

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