How to Attach Tarps

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Grommets are rings pre-made in a tarp for attaching to structures. The tarps lay over a boat or a truck full of debris and is tied down to the sides with rope strung through the grommets. It used to be that grommets were the only way a tarp could be attached, but with new technology advancing the way things are done, there are a few more options available. Attaching tarps to the beds of trucks, or even wrapped around car seats, is easy. There is nothing difficult about attaching tarps. Follow these steps.

Step 1

Lay a tarp over the back of the boat. Weave a vinyl rope through the pre-fabricated grommets along the edge of the tarp, and then down and around the entire boat trailer.

Step 2

Use a devise called EZ Grabbit (see Resources) to attach tarps to structures, and to fasten tarps to each other. Screw mount the bottom section of the grabbit tool, called the Dog Bone, to the sides of a truck bed, using two 3/16-inch screws. Lay the tarp over the mounted section. Slide the top piece, called the Sleeve, over the tarp and the Dog Bone, to lock it in place.

Step 3

Install a product called a Grip Clip to attach a tarp to the back of a truck bed or other structure (see Resources.) The Grip Clip attaches to the tarp with a two-piece system that can withstand a 200 lb. pull.

Step 4

Place the smaller circular piece of the grip clip behind the tarp. Place the larger piece over the tarp and push the smaller piece up through the hole in the top piece. The bottom piece will rest on a rim around the inside of the top piece to hold it in place. This system locks the tarp tight, so it will not slip, and it will not tear.

Step 5

Use a Grip Clip over a section of the tarp where a grommet has ripped out. Because the hole is no longer usable, the Grip Clip establishes a new hole for weaving rope through, or for placing a hook.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not use a hole where a grommet has ripped out. The hole is no longer strong enough to withstand the pull from a rope or a hook.

Things You'll Need

  • Tarp
  • Vinyl rope
  • EZ Grabbit
  • Grip Clip

Who Can Help

  • Grabbit Tool website
  • Grip Clips
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