How to Design Your Own Beach House Landscape


When deciding how to draw or design a beach house landscape for a cartoon, picture or any other sort of animation or drawing, it is best to keep the main elements of a beach house--weather, water and open area--in mind.

Step 1

Create a large area where the house will be located. Place it in an area of sand with tall, feathery grasses at least 100 feet from the water.

Step 2

Design the house as a two-story house in natural colors such as light blue or eggshell. Create a large porch from the front and back on both stories, with hammocks and rocking chairs. Create a variety of windows on the house so there is a view and the appearance of fresh air entering and exiting the household.

Step 3

Create the element of weather with a blue sky, some puffy white clouds and sunshine. Or, some beachfront properties are known to be overcast often with high winds. In this case, add a gray-blue sky and low clouds, with the grasses being blown to side to appear like wind.

Step 4

Add vegetation besides the tall grasses to the beach house landscape, such as seaweed, ivy, geraniums, jasmine, bougainvillea, sumac and day lilies. Trees that are well-known to oceanfront areas include date palm tress, palmetto trees, red cedar, maples and oak trees.

Step 5

Include the ocean water in the picture or graphic to make it clear that it is a beach house landscape. The water can be still, crashing ashore, or with the tide in or out. Create it a blue green, dark blueish gray or green water, depending on the area where you are placing the beach house (such as Florida, Maine, California or Oregon).

Things You'll Need

  • Colored pencils or other coloring instruments
  • Paper or design board
  • Pencil or pen
  • Eraser
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