Outdoor Firepit Ideas

Outdoor firepits, both permanent and portable, add drama and interest to backyards, outdoor living areas as well as parties and gatherings. Whether they are modern or rustic, purchased or homemade, outdoor firepits are a focal point that extend the usefulness of a patio or deck area. Use it solely to keep warm on chilly days or transform the firepit into a barbecue pit by topping it with a metal grate or rack. They are a fun and exciting addition to any backyard and outdoor space.

Firepit Rings

Durable steel firepit rings are attractive and economical structures to create a quick and easy firepit almost anywhere. Firepit rings set up quickly for immediate use. They usually have decorative patterns and shapes cut out of the sides for viewing the fire. Snap the circular sides together to form an enclosure where you want to start a fire, fill it with wood and tinder, and light a fire. For cooking outdoors, place a grate or rack on top.

Firepit Table

Decorative firepit tables can be simple or elaborate, and are often sold as part of patio furniture sets. They are large bowls elevated on legs and surrounded by either a large ledge or a table surface. Made out of a variety of materials including mosaic tile, slate, copper, river rock, and bronze, these fire pit tables are attractive outdoor furniture additions to any outside area.

Decorative Copper Fire Pit

Because of their beauty and durability, copper firepits are more expensive than other kinds of fire pits, but well worth the extra cost. They come in a range of styles, including hammered copper bowls and pits, firepits and fireplaces with copper accents as well as copper lids or hoods on top of mesh. Copper adds a distinctive focal point to outdoor areas.


Chimineas are enclosed fire burning structures with a front door and a cylindrical chimney. Made from lay, cast iron, cast aluminum or copper, they come in many sizes and designs.

Gas Firepit

Gas firepits operate with propane or gas lines, eliminating the need for wood and tinder materials. They are available in different styles and price ranges and can be portable but are usually part of a permanent installation in decks and outdoor rooms.

Camp Firepit

Setting up a camp firepit is as simple as digging a shallow bowl shape and surrounding it with rocks, stones or bricks. These rough and utilitarian firepits are not as attractive and are usually temporary.

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