Homemade Camp Shower


Camping is a lot of fun and a great family activity. It can also be just the thing you need to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You have everything you need, like shelter and food. But what you frequently don't have is a shower. A homemade, portable camp shower is not difficult to make. Will it be as good as the store-bought kind? No, but it's a lot cheaper and it gets the dirt off.


Standard materials you will need are a shower curtain, a bucket or other receptacle for water and some wire to hang the shower curtain. You will also need some rope, a black garbage bag and an implement to poke holes.

Umbrella Shower

Take an umbrella and poke holes in it, circling the center of the umbrella. Hang the shower curtain from the spikes on the end. Take the rope and tie one end to the umbrella handle and throw the other end over a tree limb. Secure the rope. Take your water receptacle and, if you like warm showers, line the inside of the receptacle with the black garbage bag to absorb the heat from the sun, fill it with water and place it in a sunny area. When you are ready to shower, have someone pour the water into the umbrella and it will leak through the holes for your shower. Alternately, you can secure the receptacle above the umbrella, attach it to a rope and pull the rope to tip the water into the umbrella.


This is very similar to the umbrella shower, but the shower curtain has to be secured to the wire you brought. Form a circle with the wire and thread it through the holes in the shower curtain. Poke holes in the bottom of the bucket. Attach a rope to the bucket handle, then throw the rope over a tree limb and secure it. Attach a rope to the shower curtain. Throw this over the tree limb, as well. Then take your water collecting receptacle, fill the bucket and you have a shower. If you don't need the water to trickle out as in a shower, you can forgo poking holes in the bottom of the bucket and just poke one in the side. Run the rope through this hole and let it dangle so you can reach it. When you're ready to shower, pour water in the bucket, or use it as a collector as well, pull on the rope and it will pour the water on you.

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