Pros & Cons of Windmills

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Windmills are a way to save on utility costs, but the out-of-pocket upfront expense can be steep. Once you know some advantages and disadvantages of the windmill, you can decide if a turbine is right for you.

Utility Costs

Some windmills produce more electricity than you need in the home; that extra electricity can be sold to your local electricity company. The windmill pays for itself in a faster time than it normally would if you only use it for your own electricity needs.


The location of the windmill must be free from trees, wires and anything else that would get in the way of the blades of the turbine. The turbine must be out in the open so the wind moves the blades. A windmill is idea for rural areas and might be a little too large for city properties. Before you put up a windmill, research what your community laws are pertaining to windmills.


Windmills come in different sizes, but you need a large enough turbine to catch the wind with the blades. Some smaller windmills do not catch the wind as easily as taller and wider ones. The size of the turbine depends on the location where you plan to put it.


Turbines cost thousands of dollars. Figure out the full payment of the windmill and your average electricity cost per year to determine how many years it will be before the turbine pays for itself. The price for a residential windmill is as much as $15,000.


If you move, the windmill likely will stay. This could be a monetary loss if it has not paid for itself yet. If you decide to move the windmill, hire a company that has experience with this process.

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