DIY Backyard Playset


A backyard playset can provide your child with hours of outdoor play. Backyard playsets are available in a myriad of sizes and designs to fit the preferences and needs of you and your children. With some time and plenty of careful consideration, you can build your own backyard playset from the ground up. There is also a large variety of do-it-yourself design kits that simplify the process.


Select a location for the playset. In order for the playset to sit properly, select an area that is relatively flat. The play area should also be positioned in an area that can be easily viewed from a window or door, making it easier to monitor your children during play. For safety, consider how much space is available around the play area. There should be no less than 6 feet between the playset and the house, trees, fences out buildings or any other hard structure. Ideally, play sand or mulch should be used on the ground under the play area to promote proper drainage and prevent compression.


There are virtually endless playset design options. Designs can be found on the Internet and at local home improvement and specialty stores. Show your children pictures and pamphlets to get an idea of the type of playset that they want. If possible, visit a local store that sells kits or design plans, so that you can ask questions. Some of these stores will even have multiple styles of playsets assembled for your children to play on and for you to evaluate overall design and safety features. Once you have decided on the right playset, you can purchase the kit from a local or online supplier, or buy your design plan.

Construction and Maintenance

Begin the building process. Read your kit instructions or design plans carefully, and call a construction expert if you are unsure or uncomfortable with any part of the construction process. It may be helpful to enlist the help of a few friends instead of attempting to assemble the playset on your own. To protect and maintain the playset's wooden surfaces, sealant or wood stain should be applied. If the wood is damp or wet from preservatives, wait until it dries before completing this step. It can take up to two weeks for the wood to dry completely. Reapply the stain or sealant once a year to protect it against the elements and keep the playset safe. To ensure safety, inspect the playset every two to three weeks to make sure that no damage exists and that all of the pieces are properly secured.

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