DIY Fire Pit Table


Fire pits have been used as an outdoor gathering spot for many years. Great for intimate stargazing or making s'mores for the family, the fire pit is becoming a staple in modern backyards. Today's fire pits range from simple bowl structures to elaborate in-ground contraptions and everything in between. A popular choice for backyard fires is the fire pit table. Store-bought models can be pricey, and by investing some of your time, you can construct your own fire pit table for your yard.


The first step in building your own fire pit table is constructing the table itself. When building your table, choose a wood that repels insects and resists water. Pressure-treated wood is common for backyard tables, as is cedar and redwood. Stick with a simple table design rather than an elaborate plan, to ensure the fire pit bowl is the focal point of the table.

Pit Bowl

When choosing your fire pit bowl, keep in mind the size of the table you will be constructing. You don't want the bowl to be so large that it takes up the entire circumference of the table. If the bowl is too small, however, it will not only get lost in the table design, but it will leave you and your guests pulling the chairs closer and leaning over the table to feel the effects of the fire. If the fire pit table will be mainly used by adults, this may not be a problem, but if children will gather around to roast marshmallows, a table with a small pit bowl can become an issue.


Before fastening your fire pit bowl to the fire pit table, place the proper amount of cement on the center of the table. If too much cement is applied, it will squish out around the bottom of the pit bowl, leaving unsightly hardened cement and making the job appear sloppy. Using too little cement can cause a weak connection, possibly resulting in a loose pit bowl that may detach over time. The cement should be 2 inches thick and should be applied evenly in the center of the table to prevent the bowl from drying crooked and appearing lopsided.

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