How to Make a Concrete Rock Fountain

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Fountains add a special kind of magic to your garden or backyard landscape. The soft trickle of the water as it splashes into the fountain reservoir adds music to your garden. You can easily make a concrete rock fountain with materials from your local landscape supply store. Design a small fountain as ambiance for your patio, or make a large concrete rock fountain as a focal point for your landscaping.

Step 1

Lay out the perimeter of your fountain based on its overall dimensions, and determine its height. Take your measurements to your local landscape supply, and the employees will advise you as to how many concrete rocks you will need to complete your project. Concrete rocks, or faux rocks, are more uniform in size and shape than natural rock, and they also weigh much less. There are several color and style variations of concrete rock for you to choose from.

Step 2

Excavate the location for your fountain, removing any grass and debris. Place the first row of concrete rock around the perimeter, adding waterproof adhesive, such as Liquid Nail or thinset, between the rocks. Liquid Nail is easier to apply since you squeeze it directly from the container. Thinset is applied with a trowel like laying bricks, and it's much messier to work with. Typically, you cover the stones with thinset like buttering toast, while Liquid Nail needs only a swirl or two between the rocks where they meet.

Step 3

Stack the second row of your rock fountain centered on the lines where the rocks on your first row meet. Staggering the seams will make a stronger and more interesting-looking rock fountain. Attach the rocks together on the sides and on the top with adhesive, applied the same as in Step 2. Build the rock walls of your fountain until you reach the desired height, but do not glue the top row.

Step 4

Cut the pond liner to fit inside the concrete rock fountain, from the bottom to the top of the rock walls. The liner is in a roll, so cut a bit more than you need, and cut off any excess after you place it securely.

Step 5

Insert the top edge of the liner underneath the top layer of concrete rock, and secure it with Liquid Nail or thinset adhesive. Let the adhesive dry. Follow the dry time instructions on your adhesive of choice, but plan on at least 24 hours for the adhesive products to fully cure.

Step 6

Place a few rocks in the center of the pond liner to elevate the fountain pump until the tip of the fountain sprayer is out of the water. Some fountains have periscope-type sprayer valves that you can lift as high as you need. If your pump is equipped this way, you may not need to elevate it at all.

Step 7

Run the electrical cord along the bottom of the fountain, then unobtrusively up and over one side. Fill the fountain with water before turning on the pump. Adjust the spray as necessary.

Tips and Warnings

  • Stand away from the fountain when you first turn it on in case the spray is too much.

Things You'll Need

  • Concrete rocks
  • Waterproof concrete adhesive
  • Pond liner
  • Fountain pump

Who Can Help

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