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Soaking in a hot tub not only helps aches and pains dissipate, it also helps relieve stress. Hot tubs are designed to be beneficial, but if you don't keep it clean it may be dangerous. One important hot tub component that needs to be cleaned is its filter. Fortunately, cleaning the filter usually only takes a few minutes, but on occasion, a more thorough cleaning is necessary.


A filter is a cylinder-shaped cartridge that slides into place. It is essential to keep your hot tub filter clean. If you don't, the water in your hot tub will begin to accumulate dirt, debris, insects, lotions and body oils, which the filter traps. Also, neglecting your filter can shorten its lifespan--usually one year--and early replacement may be necessary.

Garden Hose

The first thing you need to clean your filter is a garden hose. Hold the hose at a 45-degree angle and spray your filter clean. How often you clean your filter with a hose depends on how often you use your hot tub. Generally, once every week or two is sufficient, but if your hot tub is outside near trees and the pollen has been high, then a couple times a week may be necessary. If your hot tub is indoors and is rarely used, cleaning it every couple weeks may be enough. Check with your filter and hot tub manufacturers to see what they suggest; you do not want to void a warranty or damage the filter.

Cleaning Solution

Cleaning with your hose is usually sufficient. However, if you notice algae, oils and lotion residues that are not coming off with a hose, then it's time to clean the filter with a cleaning solution. There are many filter cleaning solutions available for purchase at your local hot tub and pool store. They are also available online. Examples of cleaning solutions for filters include Spa Depot Power Soak and Eco-Safe Filter Cleaner. They can come in a spray or bottle.

Homemade Cleaning Solution

You can make your own cleaning solution instead of purchasing a product. Know that this will void your filter's warranty and may corrode the filter's fibers over time, meaning you will have to replace the filter soon than expected. If decide to make your own, use about one-fourth cup of bleach per three gallons of water.

Bucket or Sink

You may not need a bucket or sink to clean your filter. Some cleaning solutions come in a spray form, so all you will need to do is spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes and then hose it off. It is, however, more effective to soak your filter in order to clean off the remaining residues. Be sure to follow manufacturer directions for dosing instructions since the cleaners come in different concentrations. Add water and the right amount of cleaning solution and soak your filter, usually for about 15 minutes. Rinse it clean. Do not use a scrubbing brush as you may damage your filter.

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