How to Hook Up Hoses for Pool Filters


They keep the bugs off the surface, keep falling leaves under control, and provide the suction power to vacuum dirt and debris off the bottom--pool filters are the one indispensable component of any outdoor water feature. Without the right hoses, even the best filter will end up falling short, but following a few steps will help keep your pool sparking clean.

Step 1

Trim a length of heavy-duty hose to connect the base of the pool's skimmer unit to the water-intake port of the filter pump, using a utility knife, making sure to cover at least 2 inches of the pipe fitting. Use metal clamps to connect both ends securely. The hose should be no longer than is necessary to connect the skimmer to the pump--do not coil a slack length of hose.

Step 2

Trim one or more lengths of heavy-duty hose with a utility knife to connect the output valve of the filter unit to the recirculation jets in the pool. Use metal clamps to connect both ends securely, leaving 2 inches of pipe over the fitting. Depending on the pool, it may be necessary to use a Y-splitter to send water to multiple jets--connect the main pipe to a splitter using a clamp, then use two additional hoses to connect the Y-splitter to each jet with a metal clamp.

Step 3

Fit a vinyl backwash hose to the backwash port of the filter by putting at least 2 inches of hose over the top of the pipe fitting and securing it with a metal clamp. Run the hose to an ideal location for the backwash water to run off, then trim the hose with the utility knife and coil it near the filter until you need to backwash the filter.

Step 4

Fill the pool and run the pump, checking each hose and connection for leakage.

Step 5

Bury or secure all piping under a deck--in any discreet location where children, lawn equipment, or animals will not damage the hoses. Bury pipes about one foot below the surface of your lawn, or use U-clamps every few feet to keep the hose attached to the underside of your deck.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid burying hose beneath or along concrete pathways, as repair and maintenance becomes much more difficult. Consider spraying buried pipes, as some species of termite will attack softer forms of vinyl.

Things You'll Need

  • Vinyl backwash hose with clamp or friction collar
  • Heavy-duty hose to connect skimmer to filter
  • Heavy-duty hoses to connect filter to water jets
  • Metal clamps
  • Screwdriver
  • Carpet/utility knife


  • Above-Ground Filter Hookups

Who Can Help

  • Pool Center (commercial -- supplies)
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