How to Clean a Vinyl Hot Tub Cover

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A vinyl hot tub cover is used to slow down the EPS core from absorbing to much water vapor. It is also a protective layering. Vinyl hot tub covers are also used to insulate heat and keep debris out of the water. Cleaning the hot tub cover a few times each month is necessary. You also need to condition the vinyl cover to prevent it from cracking.

Step 1

Clean your vinyl hot tub cover twice a month with soap and water.

Step 2

Wipe off the chemical residue on the underside of your hot tub cover. The chemicals from the water can damage the cover over time.

Step 3

Prolong the life of your vinyl cover by making sure the water chemistry in your spa is balanced. Chemical vapors rise up to the cover and cause damage if the vapors are too corrosive.

Step 4

Clean any mildew with soapy water that builds up around the zipper. This area only needs to be checked twice a year.

Step 5

Use a good chemical-free hot tub cleaner twice a month to remove any mold, mildew, waterline rings and leaf stains (see Resources below).

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not use a detergent on your vinyl hot tub cover. Do not use any conditioners containing silicone, as this substance can destroy the top coat of the vinyl cover.

Things You'll Need

  • Soapy water
  • Rag
  • Chemical-free cover cleaner

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