How to Filter Dead Algae Out of a Pool


Algae can form in just about any pool, as algae spores commonly travel through the air and on the clothing of swimmers. Once algae have infected a pool it can take a lot of hard work to get rid of them, as the algae first must be killed and then cleansed from the pool water. One way to help get rid of dead algae is to simply filter them out of the pool using the pool's filtration system.

Step 1

Check the water level of the pool to make sure it is up to a normal operating level.

Step 2

Filter the dead algae out of the pool's filtration system by back-washing it. Turn the pool pump off and turn the multi-port valve in the backwash position. Open the pool's "backwash gate valve," if the pool is equipped with one.

Step 3

Turn the pool pump back on and let it run for about two minutes. Turn the pool pump off and reset the multi-port valve to the "rinse" or "filter" setting.

Step 4

Turn the pool pump on and let it run for approximately one minute. Shut the pump off and repeat all of the steps above one more time.

Step 5

Set the multi-port valve back in the filter position and shut the backwash gate valve, if the pool pump has one. Turn on the pump and recheck the level of water in the pool and, if necessary, add more water.


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