How to Put Up an Above-Ground Swimming Pool Wall

How to Put Up an Above-Ground Swimming Pool Wall image by Timothy Smith


Installing an above-ground pool wall can be very difficult if you try to do it alone. This is one project that requires a few extra hands to help. The problem is that the walls are quite flimsy before the water is added to hold them up. But with the extra help it becomes a much easier task. There is a lot of work to do before the walls can be installed, however, so you need at least a weekend to get to this point. Installing the walls only takes a couple of hours when the prep work is done correctly.

Put Up an Above-Ground Swimming Pool Wall

Step 1

Prepare the ground by digging out the sod and leveling the ground. Always dig down to level the ground -- never try to fill up, or the weight of the water could collapse the ground. Check the level by placing a long 2 X 4 board across the ground and putting a level on top.

Step 2

Add about 2 inches of sand over the leveled ground up to where the walls will be installed. Rake it out and then level it out.

Step 3

Place a patio block at each point where there will be a post on the outside of the wall. The patio blocks must be leveled themselves and level to each of the other blocks. This will ensure that the pool will be level and you won't have problems with it after it is installed.

Step 4

Lay the track for the wall so the joints go over the inner edge of the patio block. Try not to get sand into the track before you install the wall. If you do, take a whisk broom and try to sweep it out.

Step 5

Roll out the wall and install in the track. Have others hold the wall until you get a few posts put up. Bolt the wall together where it meets and then run a strip of duct tape on the inside of the wall over the bolts to protect the liner.

Step 6

Install the posts. Center each post over a patio block and attach it to the wall. Now your friends can let go of the wall. Install the liner before putting the top rail and post caps on.

Things You'll Need

  • Pool wall
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Duct Tape
  • Sand
  • Track for the wall
  • Patio blocks
  • Pool wall posts
  • Long 2 X 4 board
  • Level
  • Shovel
  • Rake
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