Directions for Metal Frame Swimming Pools


If you want to bring the fun and excitement of your summer vacation to your own backyard, installing an above-ground pool is an excellent choice. Unlike in-ground pools, which can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to install and maintain, you can purchase a quality above-ground pool for only a few hundred dollars. Even so, it is important to set up your new pool properly. How you prepare the ground and how you set up your pool will determine how stable your pool will be.

Prepare the Ground

The most critical part of setting up any above-ground pool should take place before that new pool is even taken out of the box. In order for an above-ground pool to be stable and safe to use, you will need to make sure the ground is perfectly level before you begin. If the ground is not leveled properly, the weight of the water will slowly but surely push the pool to one side, and this will make the pool unsafe and unstable. In addition, the lack of level ground may mean that the pool will not fill completely on one side, so you may not get the maximum depth advertised on the box. The best strategy is to scope out the most level spot you can for your pool. If you have a spot in your yard that is already mostly level it will take much less work to set it in place. If you can find such a spot, you may be able to finish the leveling process with a shovel and a bit of hard work. If you do not have a spot that is mostly level, you may need to rent some equipment or hire an excavator to do the job for you.

Read the Instructions

Every type of metal frame swimming pool will come with a detailed set of instructions, so it is very important to read those instructions before you get started. In addition to the written instructions, you may also find a DVD that provides video instructions. These video instructions can be very helpful when you are setting up your pool, especially if you have a portable DVD player you can bring with you to the backyard.

Assemble the Frame

The frame is the heart of your metal frame pool, so it is important to start your assembly with the frame. Metal frame pools are designed with pieces that fit together to create the frame. These pieces of frame are then connected to the metal panels that give the pool its sturdiness. Your pool will come with several different types of pieces, so it is important to lay all those pieces out before you begin. Make sure you have all of the pieces you are supposed to have, and contact the manufacturer if any pieces are missing. Assemble the metal frame by connecting the pieces, including the T caps that make up the top and bottom of the pool frame. As you work be sure to consult the instruction sheet that came with the pool. Each piece of the frame should be marked with a part number that tells you exactly where it will go, so be sure you examine each piece of the frame before putting it into place.

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