How to Keep Pool Water Clean and Clear

How to Keep Pool Water Clean and Clear


Regular maintenance keeps your pool water clean, clear and balanced. Yard debris, leaves and dirt are blown or tracked into the pool whenever it's uncovered. Body oil and suntan lotion leach into the water when you swim. Daily cleaning, weekly testing and pump and filter maintenance assure a long, healthy life for your pool. Keeping the right pH, chlorine and alkalinity levels ensures that algae and bacteria won't grow. These simple steps will keep pool water clean.

Step 1

Test the water at least once a week and adjust the chemicals if needed. Use a test kit and maintain pH and the proper levels of chlorine and alkalinity.

Step 2

Skim leaves and other debris out of the pool every day.

Step 3

Clean the floor and the walls of the pool regularly. Start at the shallow end and work your way to the deep end. Use a pool vacuum on the floor of the pool. Use brushes to clean the sides. Do not use abrasives, and use only brushes that are recommended for your pool.

Step 4

Vacuum the pool regularly. If there's an unusual accumulation of debris, wait 20 minutes for dirt to settle and vacuum again.

Step 5

Clean the skimmer baskets every day.

Step 6

Use a hose to clean the area around the pool. Be careful not to wash dirt into the pool.

Step 7

Cover the pool if a storm is approaching, and turn on the automatic cleaner if you have one.

Step 8

Turn on the pump after a storm if you don't have an automatic cleaner, or if you were unable to cover the pool. Use the skimmer to remove debris and hose down the area around the pool.

Tips and Warnings

  • Only use tools and treatments that are recommended for your pool.

Things You'll Need

  • Pool test kit
  • Skimmer
  • Hose
  • Pool vacuum
  • Automatic pool cleaner

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