How to Care for a Fiberglass Pool

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Fiberglass pools are almost 20 times stronger than concrete pools and are manufactured in one large shell. Their strength and composite materials mean they are resistant to temperature changes such as extreme heat and freezing. The smooth, nonporous surface of the fiberglass has a strong gel coat finish, which makes it less susceptible to changes in water chemistry and means algae have a tougher time growing on it. Despite all fiberglass has going for it, it is not totally maintenance-free. Knowing how to care for a fiberglass pool will extend its life for many years.


Step 1

Assemble your telescoping pole with the skimmer net attachment and clean out leaves, bugs and other debris floating in your fiberglass pool.

Step 2

Scrub away any visible algae or debris stuck to the sides of the pool using the soft bristle scrub brush attachment on the telescoping wand. A soft brush is important so as to avoid scratching the fiberglass surface.

Step 3

Attach the soft brush pool vacuum to your pool filtration system according to the manufacturer's instructions. Slowly skim across the bottom of the pool, sucking up the larger pieces of debris as well as the fine dirt that has settled there.

Step 4

Remove the visible scum ring around your fiberglass pool using a non-abrasive vinyl tile cleaner and wiping the surface with a soft, lint-free cloth. This scum ring is formed by suntan lotion, pollen, body oils and other contaminants that float in the pool. Do not use any abrasive scrubbers or cleaners, as they will scratch the pool's gel coat finish.

Step 5

Restore a dull-looking fiberglass surface above your pool's water line by hand-buffing it with a heavy automotive polishing compound, using the cloth buffing pads. This polishing compound also will smooth away any minor scratches in the surface of the fiberglass. Follow up the polish by buffing the surface with fiberglass wax, using more cloth buffing pads.

Step 6

Patch and repair any scratches and hairline cracks using the fiberglass pool patch and repair kit according to the manufacturer's instructions. Cracks in the fiberglass do not cause water leakage but may be unsightly depending on their location. Some patch kits are formulated to repair scratches and cracks under water, so choose the appropriate kit for your needs.

Step 7

Keep your fiberglass pool full. Allowing water levels to drop too far will alter the ground pressure around the pool, causing it to crack or buckle, thus damaging its structural integrity. If repairs must be made to the fiberglass pool far below the water line, contact the pool manufacturer or installer for guidance before attempting to drain your pool.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not use abrasive brushes, scrubbers or cleaners on your fiberglass pool, as the surface can be easily scratched. While scratches will not harm the integrity of the pool or cause water leaks, they do detract from the pool's appearance. Refrain from using a pool vacuum, telescoping wand, skimmer or other pool tools with metal or sharp points, as these, too, will scratch the fiberglass surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Telescoping Pole
  • Skimmer Net Attachment
  • Brush Style Pool Vacuum
  • Soft Bristle Scrub Brush Attachment
  • Soft Lint-free Cloth
  • Non-abrasive Vinyl Tile Cleaner
  • Cloth Buffing Pads
  • Heavy Automotive Polishing Compound
  • Fiberglass Wax
  • Fiberglass Pool Patch and Repair Kit


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