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If your house does not have a built-in swimming pool, an inflatable swimming pool is an option. There are different sizes and types, colors and shapes. There are inflatable swimming pools that are more appropriate for toddlers, just as there are pools that are more appropriate for older children and families.


Inflatable swimming pools are above-ground temporary pools that are inflated by an air pump. These are usually taken down and put back up very easily. Inflatable swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes, and many different colors and themes.


There are round, inflatable pools and those that are rectangular shaped. There are themed pools that can be shaped like pirate ships and islands, with inflatable palm trees and animals. Some inflatable pools have with slides and seats; some have two rings and three rings around (the three rings are higher). There are very small pools more suitable for small children, as well as medium-sized pools for older children and very big inflatable pools with filters that can hold hundreds of gallons of water for teenagers and families.


The sizes range tremendously, from very small to medium to very large. A small pool, for exxample, would be 66 by 34; a large one could be 80 by 45.


An inflatable pool is extremely portable, which is a major benefit when compared to traditional underground swimming pools. The portable inflatable swimming pool can be placed extremely close to a door, even on a large porch, or as far away from the house as you want. You can even pack it up and take it to someone else's house. Inflatable pools can be very inexpensive. They are easily pumped up and taken down when not in use. Inflatable swimming pools come in all different sizes and styles. If there is a specific theme you are looking for, like pirates or dinosaurs, chances are there is an inflatable swimming pool for it. Most inflatable swimming pools come with patches and rubber cement for repairs in case you get holes in your pool. Inflatable pool kits usually have an easy-to-use pump as well.


There are some hazards and problems that come with inflatable swimming pools. Most of these are easily prevented or easy to fix. One of the main hazards of the inflatable swimming pool, as is the case with built-ins, is the danger of drowning--especially by small children. Because inflatable swimming pools are very easy to get into but harder to climb out of for toddlers, young ones can drown if no one is watching. Most pools have the warning "Never leave young children unattended" printed on the side of them or on the box. Holes can also be a problem. This is easily prevented and fixable. Most pools come with a kit to repair holes (patches and rubber cement). It's also a good idea to use a tarp underneath the pool before inflating it to prevent grass or rocks from piercing it and making holes. Keep cats and other animals with claws away from the walls of the pool; they can also make holes.

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