How to Weave Plastic Lace


Plastic lace, also called gimp or boondoggle, is thin plastic ribbon of many different colors woven together to make lanyards, friendship bracelets, key chains, bottle holders and dozen of other crafts and projects. Many children at camp make plastic lace projects and plenty of teens and young adults enjoy weaving this medium also. It comes in primary, neon and pastel colors, varieties with glitter in them and glow-in-the-dark varieties. Weaving plastic lace is simple, even for beginners, so long as they start with easy stitches and work their way up.

Step 1

Snip two pieces of plastic lace four times as long as you want your finished product to be. For instance, if making a bracelet 8 inches long, cut two pieces of plastic lace 32 inches long each. Gather them together and knot them together at one end.

Step 2

Hold your plastic lace up by the knotted end. The piece on the left is strand A and the right strand is strand B. Bend strand B back behind strand A to form a loop that sticks out to the right.

Step 3

Push strand A back and under the loop formed by strand B. Push strand A through the loop to form a loop from strand A that sticks straight up. Pull strand B tight around the loop formed by strand A.

Step 4

Pinch a bit of strand B into a loop and push the loop up through the loop formed by strand A. Pull strand A tight and pinch a bit of strand A into a loop. Feed this loop up through the loop formed by strand B and pull strand B tight.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 until your new cord is as long as you need it to be. Knot the ends of the cord together by bending them down to form a loop and pushing the ends through the loop. Pull tight and you are finished.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 colors plastic lace
  • Scissors


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