How to Make Handmade Woven Mexican Bracelets


The Mexican woven pattern is a popular pattern for homemade friendship bracelets. The pattern is easy to do. By using different colors to make it, you can create a bright and unique piece of jewelry. Mexican woven bracelets are fairly easy to make. They provide a great activity for kids.

Step 1

Measure six 24-inch pieces of floss in any variety of colors. Make sure they line up evenly at one end and tie a knot to secure them. Pin them to a cushion to hold while you work.

Step 2

Separate the six strings. You will work with them in the same order for the whole bracelet.

Step 3

Take the first strand, farthest to the left. Wrap it around the second string and pull it tightly. Wrap it around a second time and pull it tightly. Drop the second string.

Step 4

Wrap the first strand around the third string and pull it tightly. Wrap it again and pull it tightly.

Step 5

Repeat knotting down the line until the first string becomes the last. Pick up the second string, now the first, and begin at Step 3.

Step 6

Continue knotting rows of color until the bracelet is your desired length. Divide the strings into two groups of three. Braid each of these groups and bind each braid with a wrap knot. Trim the ends.

Things You'll Need

  • Embroidery floss, up to six colors
  • Safety pin


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