Directions for Making Lanyards


Making lanyards is a standard craft taught at summer camp. Lanyards are easy to make and make ideal stocking stuffer type of gifts. They can be used to hold a key ring, cell phone, whistle or most any small object. These days, clips which dangle from a belt loop on jeans is a popular accessory. In making your own lanyards, you can make them to color-coordinate with your wardrobe or make them in colors you simply like, or perhaps make them in your school's spirit colors.

Making a Lanyard

Start with two strands of plastic, craft lace, such as rexlace. Fold them half, together. Make sure each piece is the same length---the actual length depending on how long you wish to make your lanyard. Tie a knot to hold the two pieces secure. This knot, made in the middle, is now the top of your lanyard and you should have what appears four strands protruding. If you like, you can tie the initial start onto a clip that'll be what your lanyard hangs from. Spread apart the four strands into four different directions. Think of the four points of a compass. Beginning close to the knot, take the left-pointing strand with one finger. Now lay the left strand across the top-pointing strand. Next cross the top strand over the right-pointing strand. You are beginning your weave. The top strand should be covering the left strand and the right strand both. Cross the right-pointing strand over the bottom one. Then finally, in circling back around, cross the bottom strand over the left-pointing one and tuck it securely under the looped top strand. Pull on each end of the four strands to tighten up and make the first woven knot. Just as you did, continue to cross the strands, going around the compass points. Each pass around makes another row or knot in your lanyard. Continue this process until you reach the desired length. The series of woven knots produce a rounded lanyard. When you finish, you can trim the bottom or leave some of the strands dangling for a mini-fringe effect.

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