Lanyard Camp Crafts

Going to camp can be an adventurous time in a child's life. They play sports, swim, hike in the woods, and work with their hands. Lanyard projects are camp classics. Brightly colored gimp and hemp are attractive to kids of all ages and lanyard projects range from the simple for small children to quite complicated for the oldest campers. Many of these projects are also useful, remaining on belts, key chains, wrists and fingers for years.

Hemp Necklaces

Hemp necklaces can as easy or complicated to make as you like. You need hemp twine made of plants fibers. It is a "fuzzy" and rustic-looking material suitable for bohemian and hippie-style jewelry. Many kids and teens like to decorate their hemp necklaces with shells, soda can tabs, metal buttons and ceramic or wooden beads. You can use one color of hemp--natural is the most popular--or several colors. Hemp also comes dyed in every color from black to bright pink to neon green. It is easily woven into spiral knots, openwork designs and wide or skinny chains. It is also strong.

Gimp Headband

Gimp is flat, plastic ribbon that is easy for small fingers to braid and weave. It doesn't fray like hemp or cord and comes in many colors as well as clear, sparkly, iridescent and glow-in-the-dark varieties. Patterns made from gimp tend to look more regular and neat than those made from hemp, though sometimes more juvenile as well. Making a headband from gimp is very simple. All a child needs to do is crochet several rows of gimp together in a row about an inch to 3 inches wide and long enough so it reaches from ear to ear. A young lady can make her headband all one color or use several colors. Attach elastic cord to both ends of the gimp strip and slide it on.

Water Bottle Holder

This craft is perfect for older children and young teens that like to hike or spend a lot of time outdoors. You need a bottle holder kit, some gimp cord and beads. Bottle holder kits are available at local craft stores and come with a plastic ring that snaps around the neck of most bottles. They also come with a metal ring and oversized lobster clasp that attaches to a backpack strap or belt loop. Simply weave 2 to 4 gimp braids--use any gimp stitch you like--and tie the loose ends to the loops in the plastic ring. String beads on the loose ties and attach the other end of the gimp braids to the metal ring.

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