How Do You Make a Heart With Lanyard Strings?


Lanyard hearts make great homemade gifts. Before you start, it's best to be familiar with the brick stitch---a double-wide box stitch---and the triangle stitch. You can also make the same design by adding an extra lanyard string and using a super brick stitch---a triple-wide brick stitch---and a box or barrel stitch. Making a lanyard heart can be tricky because it involves joining two smaller lanyard stitches into one large one. But with practice, this will become as easy as any ordinary starting stitch.

Step 1

Cut three pieces of lanyard string, each 3 feet long. Fold each strand in half and crease to mark the center.

Step 2

Lay one piece of lanyard string vertically on a table. Place the other two strings across it horizontally, one on either side of the center of the bottom string.

Step 3

Loop each end of the bottom lanyard string over the two top strings and to the opposite side. Weave each end of the two top strings over and under the two loops, then pull the stitch taut. Make two more stitches the same way. This is called a brick stitch.

Step 4

Divide the six strands into two groups of three, one on each short end of the brick stitch.

Step 5

Take one of the inner strands and loop it over the end strand next to it. Loop the end strand over the inner strand on the other side, then weave that final strand over and under the two loops you just made. Tighten the stitch. This is called a triangle stitch.

Step 6

Repeat the triangle stitch for about 50 stitches. Complete the same process on the other three strands. If you want to attach a lanyard hook to one side of the heart, slip the hook onto the outer lanyard strand after about 30 stitches, then continue the triangle stitch.

Step 7

Loop the two triangle stitched sides of the heart in and down. The open ends of the lanyard should be next to each other, facing the bottom of the heart.

Step 8

Loop the outermost strand from each triangle stitch over both stitches. Weave the four inner strands over and under the two loops, joining the sides of the heart with another brick stitch.

Step 9

Make one or two more brick stitches, until the two sides of the heart are securely held together. Place a drop of craft glue on the end of the lanyard before you make the last stitch, then carefully make the final stitch and tighten it. Let the glue dry completely to hold the end of the lanyard, then clip the strands short.

Things You'll Need

  • Lanyard strings
  • Lanyard hook (optional)
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors


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