How to Make Snakes Out of Rexlace


Rexlace is a name brand craft material that is also known as lanyard or gimp. Rexlace can be used to make key chains, jewelry and other crafts. The craft is a series of weaving, knotting, or braiding. After it is put in place, leaving it for twelve hours will train it to stay there. It is similar to macramé with plastic instead of yarn. One simple project, a cobra bracelet, can be made by repeated, simple knots.

The Cobra Stitch

Step 1

Tie a granny knot to connect your green and black lengths.

Step 2

Feed the end of your central length, the red length, through one of the loops of the granny knot. Pull it halfway through the knot until you can double it over and have two equal lengths. Pull the granny knot to tighten it.

Step 3

Use a thumb tack through the knot to secure it to your working surface.

Step 4

Lay the strands out so the red lengths are in the center, the black on the left and the green on the right.

Step 5

Always begin your stitch with the green length.

Step 6

Take the green length and bend it over the top of the red, so that the two lengths look like a backward four.

Step 7

Place the black length over the top of the green, wrap it around the green and behind the red. Pull the black length up through the hole in the "four". Pull the black and the green length to form a knot on the red, pulling them tight.

Step 8

Repeat the four shape, but in reverse this time since the black and green lengths are on opposite sides, making sure you are doing the exact opposite as the first stitch.

Step 9

Continue this process until you have enough cobra stitches to wrap around your entire wrist with an additional one inch on either end.

Step 10

Turn the piece around so that the red length is upward and pull the green and black length downward, towards the finished section.

Step 11

Repeat the cobra stitch as before; however, do not do it over top of the red length, complete it over top of the already finished section.

Step 12

Do the king cobra stitches until you have an inch of double thickness.

Step 13

Turn the snake over so that the underside is now up.

Step 14

Insert a thumb tack into the final black band in the snakes head, on the length closest to the body.

Step 15

Take the end of the black length and insert it here and repeat this step with the end of the green. Remove the thumb tack.

Step 16

Insert both thumb tacks to open up the first band near the nose of the snake. Feed the loose ends of black and green length through these holes you just created which will create and X on the underside of the head. Remove the thumb tacks.

Step 17

Create a granny knot in each of these strands to create eyes. Pull them close to the head. Leave them as is for a minimum of 12 hours before trimming off the excess lengths.

Step 18

Cut off one of the lengths of red so that it is flush with the head. Trim the second piece of red to an inch long. Cut the red to fork it like a snake's tongue.

Step 19

Turn the snake around so that you are holding the starting end, which is now the tail. Trim the tail to an eight of an inch.

Step 20

Feed the tail through the X under the head to fasten the bracelet.

Things You'll Need

  • Three strips Rexlace (red, green, black)
  • Two thumb tacks
  • Scissors


  • How to Make A Rexlace Cobra
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