How to Make Macrame Bottle Covers


Macrame is a craft that involves tying knots into decorative patterns. A variety of materials can be used depending on the desired finished look, including string, silk, yarn or hemp. Any of these will work well for bottle covers that add an extra special touch to your favorite bottle.

Step 1

Use the tape measure to measure the neck of the bottle. Take that measurement and multiply by eight. This tells you how many cords to cut. The length of each cord will be the height of the bottle multiplied by eight. Cut two holding cords the same length as the height of the bottle multiplied by eight. Cut one holding cord to 25 inches. Use glue or wax on the ends of the cords to prevent fraying.

Step 2

Use pins to hold the two long holding cords to the project board. These need to be taut and horizontal. Take half of the working cords and attach them to the holding cords with lark's head knots. Make this into a circle around the neck of the bottle. Take the holding cords and tie a square knot without fillers.

Step 3

Determine the knot pattern that you would like to use for covering your bottle. There are a few different examples shown at The directions here will be for the alternating square knots. Use four cords for the alternating square knots and do one row, leaving about an inch between each. Take two cords from each to give another grouping of four cords and tie another row of alternating square knots. Continue the length of the bottle.

Step 4

Drop four of the cords when you reach the bottom of the bottle and tie a row of alternating square knots. Make these as tight as possible so they start to curl over the edge of the bottom of the bottle. Continue to alternate the cords with the alternating square knot rows two more times. Attach each cord to the 25-inch holding cord using the double half hitch and not the dropped cords. Tie a square knot with the ends of the holding cord without fillers. Glue the square knot. After it is dry, trim the ends and weave them into the design or glue them in place.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't try burning the ends of the cords. They are flammable and could go up in flames.

Things You'll Need

  • Nylon or cotton macrame cord
  • Project board
  • Pins
  • Tape measure


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