How to Cobra Stitch a Boonie Hat


The key to any outdoors-man's survival kit is parachute cord. The uses for it in the wilderness are endless, from lacing your shoes to tying down tarps to making a sling or tourniquet. Campers and adventurers are constantly looking for convenient ways to carry a long paracord. One of the best ways to do so without added bulk is to cobra stitch it to your boonie hat. That way, your paracord is always right over your head.

Step 1

Cut a long string of paracord, from 23 to 50 feet or more. The more cord you have, the tighter the knotting of the cobra stitch will be.

Step 2

Secure the cord to the boonie hat band, which is usually stitched down every couple inches so a bunch of loops protrude around the hat. Fold the cord in half and tuck the fold under the hat band to create a loop. Pull the ends through that loop and pull it tight. Turn the cords so one cord is on either side of the hat band. Use the hat band as the base and center of your cobra stitch.

Step 3

Tuck the left cord under the hat band and cross it over the right cord. Leave slack so it creates a loop on the left side. Cross your right cord over the hat band and through the left loop, front to back. Pull it tight. Tuck the right cord under the hat band and cross it over the left cord, leaving a slack loop on the right side. Cross the left cord over the hat band and down the right loop, front to back. Pull it tight and push the knot up snugly.

Step 4

Continue around the hat band with that two-part knot. When you get back to where you started, if you still have cord you want to use keep knotting over where you have already knotted. If you want to end there, or when you reach the end of your cord, insert your needle-nose pliers under a couple stitches and grasp the cord ends. Pull the cords through the stitches. Trim the ends or tuck them under the hat band.

Things You'll Need

  • Long string of 550 parachute cord
  • Boonie hat
  • Needle-nose pliers


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