How to Make a Gimp Lanyard


Many children and teens love making lanyards for key chains, friendship bracelets and necklaces, or simply as decorations. The complicated stitches give them something on which to focus and help improve dexterity, fine motor skills and creativity. You can use any string or cord to make lanyards but gimp is one popular material. Gimp, or "gymp," is flat, narrow plastic string or ribbon that comes in a myriad of colors. Lanyard-makers can choose from primary colors, neon colors, pastels, glitter gimp and glow-in-the-dark gimp.

Step 1

Choose a stitch for your lanyard. Opt for a stitch that requires no more than four colors, if this is your first lanyard. Three-strand lanyards use the most basic stitch and require the least skill. See, where the stitches are ordered by difficulty, starting with the easiest.

Step 2

Cut a yard of each color of gimp you need. Pull the strands through the smaller loop on your lanyard clip, center them and fold them around the clip. Or, gather the ends of your gimp, fold them down and across the rest of the gimp to form a loop and push the ends through the loop to make a half-granny knot. Knot the ends together in a half-granny for a three-strand lanyard.

Step 3

Hold your knot or lanyard clip between the heels of your feet or have someone hold it for you to keep it taut. Pass the left strand over the center strand so that they exchange places, then pass the right strand over the new center strand. Continue this until you reach the end of the strands. This creates a three-strand lanyard.

Step 4

Weave your gimp stitches slowly and carefully at first, tugging them tight gently. Gimp can stick to itself, making it difficult to pull through but will snap if you pull too hard. Leave slightly more room to pull strings through than you need; this eliminates sticking and pulling.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not over tighten your gimp. Stretching causes weakness and discoloration. If your lanyard holds an object, you want to avoid weak points that may cause your lanyard to break.

Things You'll Need

  • Gimp string, multiple colors
  • Lanyard clips
  • Scissors


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