Instructions for Knotting Flat Plastic Lace


Rounded or flat plastic lace used for making crafts like friendship bracelets or lanyard key chains was named boondoggle by an eagle scout working with the lacing. Consequently the art of knotting such lace into crafted goods is now known as boondoggling. Crafts begin with basic knots that are repeated to created a woven pattern. One of the more common knots for plastic lacing is the square knot or straight knot. Learn the art of boondoggling to make fun and useful crafts from plastic lacing.

Step 1

Choose contrasting colors of plastic lace for ease of working for the first few projects. Cross two plastic lace strands of differing colors such as red and green over one another at the center of both. Loop one lace around the other and tie it. Put the laces down on a table or in your lap with the knot down.

Step 2

Orient the red strand horizontally and the green vertically. Consider the green strand running up from the knot lace 1, and the green strand running down from the knot lace 2. Call the red strand to the left of the knot lace 3, and the red strand to the right of the knot lace 4.

Step 3

Loop green lace 1 down over red lace 3 and hold it with an index finger behind the knot and a thumb over the looped lace. Loop green lace 2 up over red lace red lace 4 and pinch it between the same thumb and finger.

Step 4

Bend red lace 4 around to cross over green lace 2 and then thread it through the loop made by green lace 1. Bend red lace 3 around to cross over green lace 1 and thread it through the loop made by green lace 2. Tighten the knot by pulling both red ends at the same time, then both green ends. The green laces are still oriented vertically and the red horizontally, but the strands are on opposite sides of the knot. Green lace 1 is extending down from the knot on the left side and red lace 3 extends to the right of the from the lower knot.

Step 5

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the laces extending in the opposite directions. Loop green lace 1 up over red lace 4, and green lace 2 down over red lace 3. Loop red lace 3 around green lace 2 and through the loop of green lace 1. Loop red lace 4 around green lace 1 and through the loop of green lace 2. Pull both green and both red ends simultaneously to tie the knot. Repeat the knotting pattern to form a chain and make a length appropriate for a friendship bracelet or other accessory.

Things You'll Need

  • Two colors of plastic lace


  • Gimp Lace: Plastic craft lacing
  • Yoarra: Scoubidou, Knotting with scoubidou strands
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