How to Make Adjustable Rope Bracelets


Rope bracelets aren't hard to make, and the the materials you need are inexpensive. The thickness of the rope that you use is up to you, as are the complexity of the braid or weave. If you are a beginner, use slightly thinner non-dyed, natural rope such as hemp or hemp twine. Make these bracelets adjustable so you can wear them around your wrist or your ankle.

Step 1

Measure your wrist and multiply that measurement by five or six to give you plenty of length for knotting or braiding. Cut an odd number of strings at the length you determined and group them together, making sure that the ends align, but do not tie them together.

Step 2

Feed a large bead---about 1 or 2 cm wide---through the center piece or pieces of twine or rope and pull the rest of the pieces up along the sides of the bead. Tie all of the pieces together very tightly at the top of the bead and trim the excess rope off that end.

Step 3

Start braiding or knotting on the other side of the bead, as tightly against the bead as you can. Make your knots or braids tight. The tighter the knots, the stronger your bracelet will be and the longer it will last.

Step 4

Stop braiding or weaving when you've gotten the length that you need for your wrist and tie two simple knots. Move down the rope or twine for a length of just 1 or 2 mm smaller than the width of the bead, make another double knot and repeat this process once or twice. You will have a few loops along the end of the bracelet. Tie a final double knot and cut the excess string off.

Step 5

Put the bracelet on your wrist and slip the bead at the end through the first loop. Keep the rest of the loops from bothering you by pinning them to the side of the bracelet with a small safety pin. Wear the bracelet as an anklet by feeding the bead through one of the loops further down the bracelet.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Rope
  • Large bead
  • Safety pin


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