How to Make a Sailor's Bracelet


Sailor's bracelets are also known as surfer's bracelets or Nantucket sailor's bracelets. They were made popular by the children's book "Comet's Nine Lives" by Jan Brett. You will make the bracelet directly on your wrist and tie it off, so it stays on until the cord weathers through and breaks.

Step 1

Wrap one end of the string around your wrist two times. Tape the end of the cord in place on your wrist. You will use the long end to weave back into itself to finish the sailor's bracelet.

Step 2

Take the long end of the cord and roll most of it into a smaller ball you can unravel as your work. Pull this long cord beneath the right string and then over the left one.

Step 3

Pull the long portion of the string to the left and hold it with one hand. Use the other hand to cross the middle strand over the right strand and hold them in place. Take the longer left string and push it under the middle strand and over the right. This is the first knot in the sailor's bracelet.

Step 4

Begin again by passing the long wad of cord under the center cord and on top of the left. Hold it to the left, cross the remaining two strings, and pass the long end back through the knot. Continue working the long end in this braid completely around your wrist.

Step 5

Once you have completed the first braid, start again to make a double sailor's bracelet. Push the long end back through the braid in the same pattern. Continue for three or four braids until you are pleased with the brace.

Step 6

Remove the tape from the beginning end of the strip. Tie it to the place where it meets the long portion of the cord. Trim the remaining cord. If you use nylon cord you can melt the ends together by passing a lighter beneath them.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avoid weaving the bracelet too tight. It will naturally draw up and shrink when wet.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 yards nylon or hard cotton cord
  • Scissors
  • Tape
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