Macrame Snowflake Instructions


Macramé snowflakes make beautiful decorations not only for Christmas, but for the entire winter season. Try hanging them on the Christmas tree or from the ceiling. They make wonderful toppers for holiday packages or can be given as small gifts to teachers, co-workers and to anyone else when a last-minute gift idea is needed.

Creating a Macramé Snowflake

Decide how many points you want your snowflake to have. For a four-point snowflake, cut four 20-inch cords and four 50-inch cords. For five-point snowflakes, cut five 20-inch strands and five 50-inch strands. For 6 point-snowflakes cut six 20-inch strands and six 50-inch strands. Use white macramé cord in 2mm or 4mm sizes mounted on a 1-inch white ring to achieve the total snowflake effect. Mount the 20-inch cords onto the ring using lark's head knots. Tie an overhand knot in the middle of one of the 50-inch cords, but don't tighten it. Pass the ends of two of the mounted cords through the loop formed by the knot and pull so that the overhead knot rests next to the lark's head knot. Go down the group of cords 3 inches and tie a square knot with picots using the long cords as working cords and the short cords as fillers. Move the knot up, the loops form the picots. Go down another 2 ½ inches and tie another square knot with picots. Tie another square knot 2 inches further down, then another 1 ½ inches below that and a final square knot 1 inch below that. Do the same on each of the other points.

Finishing the Macramé Snowflake

Finish each point by wrapping the right cord of each point of the macramé snowflake around the others at least three times, keeping the cords close together. Use the same cord to form a loop and go around the other cords again and finish by pulling the end of the cord through the loop and tightening it. Make a loop in the left cord and wrap the left cord around all the others, pulling the end through the loop and tightening it. Trim excess cord. Add decorations, silk flowers or ribbons to the space in the center of each macramé snowflake if you wish, and a small piece of cord as a hanger.

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