Spiral Lanyard Instructions


The spiral stitch lanyard is one of the few lanyard stitches that does not use up much lanyard. A lanyard made with spiral stitches looks like a tight rope of two colors spiraling around each other. Although it is not of the most difficult lanyard stitches, it does require careful attention to make sure that the strands do not twist, and the strands must be held carefully in place at all times.

Starting the Lanyard

You must begin the spiral lanyard correctly for the stitch to come out as it should. Hang a lanyard hook from a sturdy surface--either safety pinned to a non-stretchy pant leg or strung through a taught piece of lanyard. It must in turn be secured to a non-movable surface. Thread two strands of lanyard through the loop and hold the strands so that the colors alternate. The strands on the left should lie under the hook, while the strands on the right should lie over the hook.

Making Spiral Stitches

Take the rightmost strand and wrap it under the two center strands and then over the leftmost central strand. You may have to hold it slightly above the two strands at this point to keep it out of the way. Then take the leftmost strand and wrap it under the two center strands and then over the rightmost central strand. Make sure that the two working strands are in the right location, and then pull them slightly. Continue making stitches in this manner until you've reached close to the end of the strands. Then tie the two topmost strands together to secure them, and connect the two ends of the lanyard with a lanyard hook, if necessary.

Common Mistakes

The most common mistake made when creating a spiral stitch lanyard is allowing the strands to twist. You should be wrapping the strands around each other, and any unnecessary twisting of a strand will disfigure the finished lanyard. In addition, always make sure to keep the strands in the correct order. If you leave your lanyard for a second, do not leave the strands loose. This will cause the lanyard to unravel. Instead, use a paper clip to secure the strands well before setting them down.

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