How to Make Rope Sailor Bracelets


Rope sailor bracelets are also called Nantucket sailor's bracelets and Turk's head knot bracelets. They are typically made of cotton or nylon cord. The bracelet is made by forming a series of Turk's head knots which is much like braiding. It may take a little practice to learn to make the knot but it is relatively simple to make a sailor bracelet. This is a craft that would be suitable for older children.

Step 1

Secure one end of the cord to a tube or can. Use a piece of tape to attach the end of the cord to one side of the can or tube.

Step 2

Pull the cord around the can or tube. Cross the cord over itself in the front to create an "X."

Step 3

Wrap the cord around the bottom of the "X" and push up the end of the cord through the top of the "X." Pull the cord to tighten it around the tube.

Step 4

Rotate the can so that the opposite side is facing you. Pull the first cord over the second cord. Place the end of the cord under one side of the reversed cord and pull it through the center. Pull to tighten. You will now have an "X."

Step 5

Push the cord up through the top of the "X" and pull to tighten. Push the cord though the top of the next "X" and pull it tight. Continue to push the cord and pull it tight until you reach the first "X."

Step 6

Start a second row by pushing the cord through the first "X." The cords should be beside the cords of the first row without crossing them. Continue until you reach the first "X" again.

Step 7

Add rows in this manner until the bracelet is the desired width. Remove it from the tube once it is complete.

Step 8

Knot the ends of the cord underneath the braids. Turn the bracelet over and weave one end of the cord through one row of knotted cords. Weave the other end of the cord through the same row above or below the other cord end. Tie the cord ends together and snip the ends with a pair of scissors.

Step 9

Turn the bracelet over. It is now ready to wear.

Things You'll Need

  • Tube or can
  • Nylon or cotton cord
  • Adhesive tape
  • Scissors


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