Instructions for Macrame Patterns


Macrame is an ancient art that involves making knots in cord to create various items such as jewelry, home decor and even furniture. Macrame artists learn how to tie different knots as they make their artwork. They can obtain the supplies they need such as cord, beads, pliers and other items, and they learn different techniques to work with the different cords they use.

Instructions and Patterns

Macrame instructions and patterns are designated by the different knots used in macrame. Some knots, such as the Gourmand knot, are variations of other knots such as the square knot, which is one of the more common knots used in macrame. The crafter who begins a macrame project cuts off a specific amount of cord to begin work on her project. She'll loop her cord around another cord, a wooden dowel or a large wooden or plastic ring, depending on what she is making. Her pattern instructs her to begin with a specific knot, which she has either learned from working on projects or which she learns as she is working on her current project. (See Ref. 1)


The crafter who is learning macrame or who has already learned this craft needs some special supplies. These include macrame cord, project boards, cellophane tape, a firm work surface, an organizer for storing supplies, T-pins, straight pins, masking tape, pliers, strong scissors, measuring tape or ruler, tweezers, glue or a jar candle. The glue and jar candle are used to keep the cord ends from unraveling. Melt the wax from the candle and dip the cord in it. For projects using beads, have a length of wire available to thread the cords through the bead holes. (See Ref. 2)


The Globe Float Hanger uses one two-inch ring, 6mm nylon cord, rope or twine, a globe float, masking tape and glue. The knots used include lanyard knots, double half hitch and linked overhand knots. (See Ref. 2) You can also make the more traditional pot hangers and place plants or flower pots in the center. You aren't restricted to hangers--you can make animals such as a penguin, owl or a Siamese cat. Expand your ideas to include purses, belts, cell phone belts, pouches, shopping bags, sandals, a shawl and even a soft rosary. You can also make home decor items such as the beaded door curtain, fringed curtain, diamond weave curtain, bottle socks, a key holder, vintage basket, wine holder, casserole carrier, vase, lantern light and even furniture items. Macrame lends itself well to making a hammock to hang in your backyard. (See Ref. 2)

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