How Can I Build a Ramp for a Lawnmower?


Building a lawnmower ramp can be incredibly easy or more of a complicated construction project; it all depends where the ramp is leading to and what type of lawnmower the ramp is for. Most standard lawnmowers are light and easy to push up onto something with a simple ramp; riding lawnmowers are a bit heavier and more complicated to get up onto an elevated surface.

Dirt Ramp Into Shed

If you have a push or riding mower and needs to get up a short distance into a shed, you can easily construct a dirt ramp. The best way to do this is to take some heavy stones or cinderblocks and put them on the sides of the area you want the ramp in. Then simply pile dirt between the cinderblocks and pat it down solid. The cinderblocks or stones along the edge of your dirt ramp will keep the dirt from falling apart or washing away easily. As the ramp erodes, just replace the dirt and pat it down solid.

Wooden Ramp for Truck Bed

For loading a push mower into a truck bed with a ramp, connect two 2-inch-by-4-inch boards with cross slats that are the width of the push mower's wheels. You can attach metal clips to the end of the boards so the ramp can clip onto the open gate of the truck. For a heavier riding mower, you'll have to construct a heavy duty wooden ramp. Strong cross beams are a must in this construction so the heavy riding mower doesn't break it. A metal surface on the ramp will help to support a heavy riding mover.

Steel Ramp into Shed

You can install a steel ramp in the entrance to a shed for either a push or riding mower rather inexpensively. A large piece of sheet steel that's about half an inch thick can easily become a ramp into a shed or up stairs into an elevated portion of a yard. The steel sheet will be heavy, but can be secured with metal sheet screws, lays flat and stays smooth. These ramps are best for going up inclines of 2 to 3 feet at most.

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