Easy Low Carb Meals


Low-carbohydrate diet plans have become popular in recent years, ranging from extremes like the Atkins diet to moderate low-carb diets like the South Beach diet. Low-carb diets work well for many people, allowing for weight loss without hunger. For the healthiest low-carb meals, keep the fat to a minimum and include plenty of healthy vegetables and foods naturally low in carbohydrates.


Eggs or egg whites are an ideal beginning to a low-carb breakfast. Eggs cook quickly and work well with a variety of vegetables. Create a quick scramble with eggs and vegetables or a more elaborate omelet. Low-fat breakfast meats, including turkey bacon and sausage or lean ham are also good options for quick and easy low-carb meals. If you opt to eat fruit while low carbing, choose fruits low on the glycemic index, like berries, to go with your meal in the morning. You might also consider low-fat ricotta cheese with berries if you prefer a low-carb, but sweet morning meal.


Lunch is often a hurried meal, and if you're low carbing, sandwiches are out. A protein rich salad is a good and easy low-carb meal option. Combine greens of all sorts, chicken, lean steak or tuna and a simple dressing to make a delicious and healthy lunch. Many soups are also quite low in carbohydrates. Choose broth-based soups with plenty of vegetables to fill you up and keep your diet on track. Add a salad, a grilled chicken breast, or a bunless burger to the side of your soup to finish off your easy low-carb lunch.


After a long day at work, you may just not want to cook. While breakfast and lunch selections can work well for dinner, a hot meal is a nice end to the day. Consider stir frying a variety of vegetables with beef, pork or chicken. Make your own sauces and seasonings to avoid excess carbohydrates. Bake chicken breasts with salsa and low-fat cheese, then serve with roasted vegetables for a Tex-Mex style easy low-carb meal. Experiment with fresh herbs and new seasonings to add flavor to your easy low-carb meals without adding carbohydrates.

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