Healthy Meals That You Can Make at Home

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When you eat out, you're able to enjoy your food in a leisurely manner from start to finish. There's no meal preparation for you to think about, and there's no cleaning up afterward. The down side is you're not in control of what goes into the meal's you're eating, and you may never know for sure exactly what the ingredients of your meal are. The only way you can be sure you'll be eating healthfully is if you make your own healthy meals.


Many people like to start their day off eating eggs for breakfast, but for those who have to limit their intake of cholesterol and don't like eating just the white of the egg, liquid egg products are a solution. You can make a healthy omelet if you saute organic onions, peppers or mushrooms in some extra-virgin olive oil. To this you will add your liquid egg. Healthy whole-grain toast can also be eaten. If you don't like eggs, you can make yourself an organic breakfast cereal using organic milk. You can also include a cup of organic coffee or organic tea with your healthy breakfast.


You may never know what cut of meat you're eating when you eat at a fast-food restaurant or diner. With that in mind, you'd be better off making yourself a hamburger at home. You can adjust the ingredients to suit your needs. To make a hamburger as healthy as it can be, use ground beef that is 95 percent lean meat or, better yet, make a veggie burger. You can purchase veggies burgers frozen. All you have to do is heat them up and their ready to be eaten. Put your hamburger on a whole-wheat bun and top it off with onions, lettuce, sliced tomato and ketchup for a delicious and wholesome meal. If you'd rather not eat beef, consider having a salad. Wash and tear up pieces of Romaine lettuce and place them on a large dish. To it add some grape tomatoes, sliced radishes, cucumbers, sliced red peppers (fresh or roasted), anchovies, imitation crab meat or broiled chicken. You can then drizzle some extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar over it and season it with garlic powder and oregano.


Some people enjoy a plate of pasta for dinner. A pasta dinner can be healthy if it's made that way. You will find that some restaurants will make your pasta dish with whole-wheat pasta, but not all restaurants offer it. If you make a pasta dinner at home, you'll be able to have it with your choice of healthy ingredients every time. You can sauté fresh sliced garlic in extra virgin olive oil and add some fresh chopped tomatoes and chopped zucchini to your pasta dish, or chopped escarole can be added instead of the tomatoes and zucchini. Pasta dishes are very versatile, and there are many kinds of vegetables you can add to whole-wheat pasta to make a healthy meal. If you'd prefer to have your pasta without any additional vegetables, you can make your pasta with fresh tomatoes only.

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