Ideas for Dinner Wraps

When someone says the word "wraps" in conjunction with food, images of something that is a cross between a burrito and a cold sandwich come to mind. Many people don't find the idea of wraps at all appetizing. However, a wrap can be so much more that just some cold cuts and cheese wrapped in a tortilla. Wraps can combine interesting flavors in a warm or cold container which provides a healthy alternative to traditional dinner fare.

Cherry Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This wrap is a bit on the unconventional side, as the container is a leaf of lettuce. The filling consists of chicken sauteed with ginger and mixed with teriyaki sauce, honey, cherries, carrots, green onion and almonds. This mixture is then placed on a lettuce leaf and served. The wrap is built so that a diner will experience the sweetness of the cherries and ginger chicken mixed with the crispness of the lettuce. This recipe is reminiscent of the lettuce wraps served in Chinese restaurants and is a good choice if you are cooking for an Asian cuisine lover.

Chipotle Pork Wraps

If you are in the mood for something with a Mexican flair, then these wraps will surely hit the spot. These wraps look like mini burritos because the grilled pork is wrapped in a tortilla. They key to these wraps is the technique for cooking the pork. The pork shoulder is slow roasted over a charcoal grill to keep the moisture in the meat while giving it a smoky flavor. The pork itself is simply seasoned with salt and pepper to which onions are added with just a few minutes left of cooking. The chipotle aspect comes from a seasoned mayonnaise which is added to the tortilla just before wrapping up the meat.

Tuna Rice Paper Wraps

If you are having an Asian themed dinner, a rice paper wrap works wonderfully. This particular wrap uses a staple of the Asian diet, tuna, and mixes it with green onion, celery, carrot, cilantro and sesame oil. Once those ingredients are mixed together, they are placed in a thin, lightweight rice paper wrapper. If you want more of a kick, put in a dash of hot sauce, which adds just enough spice to be memorable. Keep this wrap cheap and simple to make by using canned tuna instead of purchasing high-end fish.

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