Green Giant Steamed Green Beans Nutrition


Green Giant steamed green beans are a fat-free vegetable option that make a great addition to almost any meal. Steamed green beans are an easy-to-prepare and low-calorie source of many vitamins and minerals.


Green Giant frozen green beans are available in microwave-ready steamable bags. Microwave steaming is easy and fast and also retains more of vegetables' nutrients than boiling or pressure cooking does.


Green Giant steamed green beans are considered a low-calorie food at only 25 calories per half-cup serving. Green beans are fat-free, so none of the calorie content comes from fat.


Green Giant steamed green beans have 3 net, or non-fiber, carbohydrates. This means that the green bean is 17 percent protein by volume and most of the carbohydrates come from the 2 grams of sugar per serving.


Green Giant steamed green beans are a good source of fiber with a full 2 grams per half-cup serving. Dietary fiber aids in digestion and acts like a broom to move foods through the intestinal tract.

Vitamins & Minerals

Steamed green beans from Green Giant have a variety of vitamins and minerals including A, C, iron and calcium. These nutrients work with antioxidant properties in the green beans to support health and immunity function.


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