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Rare roses come in numerous varieties, as more common roses do. However, what makes these roses rare is that either they have been engineered to grow in particular shapes and colors or they can only be found in certain parts of the world. Some are breeds that have not been seen for years and are found by chance.


A few types of rare roses are "Vi's Violet," "Christine," Amelia," "Blush Hip," "Griff's Red," "First Prize," "Welsh Gold" and "White Cap."


As with any rose, the features of rare roses vary from flower to flower. For example, "Amelia" has bright pink, double petals that exude a strong scent. "Welsh Gold" is a unique peach-colored rose with wavy petals in multiple rows.


Rare roses come in a variety of sizes, just as more common roses do. "Vi's Violet" is a miniature, light purple rose that is rare in color as well. "Christine," on the other hand, is a shrub rose bush, with large, open petals that are curled on the edges.


Many rare roses can only be found in certain parts of the country or world. For instance, "White Cap" has been bred to be a hardier variety so it can grow in extremely cold climates. "Griff's Red" was bred in Iowa but is mainly found in California.


The color of the rose does change the meaning of the flower. Pink roses stand for elegance and gentleness, while orange means eagerness and energy. This is something to consider when looking for rare roses and combining the rarity with the color's symbolism.


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