Chocolatiers Who Make Sugar-Free Candy


Finding sugar-free chocolate may be a chore that needs to be done to stay healthy and lose weight, or it may be a necessity for sweet-toothed diabetics. Luckily, with the current upswing in diabetes-awareness as well as a nation bent on losing weight, many chocolatiers have created sugar-free lines to bring back customers who've had to shy away from the sweets.


Dove makes a Sugar-Free Rich Dark Chocolate with Chocolate Cream. Though it may sound like it's bursting with sugar (chocolate with chocolate cream!), it's not. It's 100 percent sugar free. There is also a with raspberry cream version, to mix it up a bit.

Whitman's/Weight Watchers

Whitman's has teamed up with Weight Watchers to create a line of chocolates and candies that are sugar free. To try a few different flavors, dip into Weight Watchers' Sugar-Free Three Flavor Assortment. This bag features coconut, pecan crows and mint patties. The Weight Watchers Sugar-Free candy line has several other flavors, including peanut butter cups, caramel drops, double chocolate mousse and English toffee, and the company constantly introduces new treats.


The classic chocolate bar now comes sugar free. The chocolates range from the classic bar, to peanut butter and other chocolate cups, Reece's, York Peppermint patties--almost anything you're used to from Hershey's now has a sugar-free alternative.

Russell Stover

The famous gift to give--a box of chocolates--now comes sugar free. This makes it perfect for gift giving, especially on holidays like Valentine's Day that call for chocolate gifts. To fulfill the dark-chocolate lover's sweet tooth, Russell Stover has a line of "dark minis" to munch on.


Ghirardelli has come out with a line of low-calorie and no-sugar brands that still taste like actual chocolate. These come in the delicious snack Ghirardelli squares and look just as delicious as the high-calorie, full-of-sugar brands.


Godiva sells a sugar-free six pack of chocolate bars that echoes their main lines. It comes as a gift box, but it's just as easy to treat yourself.

YC Chocolate

YC Chocolate, based in Highland Park, New Jersey, has what they call "Chocolate Heaven" for the gourmet chocolate lovers--a gourmet line of hand-crafted, sugar-free chocolates. Gift boxes are available that include assorted chocolates and truffles. Chocolate lovers can purchase the gift boxes, or just dark chocolate and milk chocolate bars, caramel almond bars and even baking chocolate. Their website even includes a "sugar-free blog." If you're interested in high-end chocolate, head to your favorite chocolatier and just ask--chances are they have a sugar-free line, even if it's hidden in the back.

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