Diabetic Recipes for Children


Living with diabetes can be difficult and stressful. If you have a child with diabetes, the task becomes even more grueling. Here is some useful information about managing your diabetic child's diet.


Children with diabetes need to follow a special diet in order to control their insulin levels. Children with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes will need to carefully control the amount of sugar and carbohydrates that they consume. If the child's diet is carefully controlled, normal growth and development levels should be achieved.


A part of creating healthy diabetic recipes for children involves making some basic adjustments to the foods that you incorporate into entrees. The recipes that you create should include plenty of whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables. About 50 percent of your child's calories should come from these foods. The rest of their calories will come from lean proteins and low fat on non-fat dairy products. Remember to measure the number of carbohydrates in each meal in order to monitor their diabetes. Check food labels before you add an ingredient to a dish. Sweets and fats are permitted in only small amounts. The American Diabetes Association also approves the use of sugar substitutes in diabetic recipes. Some meal idea include non-fat yogurt with fruit and bran for breakfast, grilled cheese with low-fat cheddar cheese and whole grain bread for lunch and lean chicken and vegetable stir-fry for dinner.


Each diabetic child is different and may need to make only small adjustments to their diet. The dietitian may also stress the importance of timing of meals and portion sizes. In most cases, meals and snacks should be consumed at the same time of day. Also, portion sizes should be regulated and meals balanced.


Creating diabetic-friendly dishes for your children has numerous benefits for both your family and the diabetic child. For one, it teaches the entire family healthy eating habits. Diabetic safe foods will also help prevent complications that occur from the disease. Complications from diabetes can affect normal function in the eyes, feet, kidneys and nerves.


If you child has diabetes, you should both regularly see a dietitian in order to go over dietary restrictions. A dietitian along with your physician can help you regulate insulin levels with injections as well as dietary changes. Make sure that all recipes that you use have been approved by a certified dietitian.

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