Decks With a Fireplace & Brick Ideas


Outdoor fireplaces are the perfect spot to unwind with a hot cup of tea or enjoy a delicious dinner with friends and family. Place comfortable Adirondack chairs around the fireplace for outdoor seating. Use colorful pillows and rugs in and around the chairs for a soft and cozy space to lounge. For added design, paint the brick a bold color. Place colorful pots of flowers and herbs around for accents and to use for cooking. Outdoor spaces with warm fireplaces can be enjoyed all year round.

Arbor Ideas

Outdoor fireplaces with brick accents are the perfect spot to unwind from a long day. Add height and design to this outdoor space by installing an arbor. Arbors can be used along the deck as a place to grow a creeping vine like jasmine and sweet peas. Place a container at the base of the arbor and plant your favorite vines. Over time, you can train them to grow up the arbor, creating a beautiful green wall. The arbor wall can also be used for extra privacy outdoors or for the perfect space for outdoor lights. String outdoor and weather-resistant lights up the arbor. At night they will sparkle and glow.

Bathing Alfresco

Turn your deck into an outdoor bath using an old claw-foot tub or outdoor basin. This alfresco design can become a private and inviting design to your deck and can be used all year round. Shop flea markets and antique stores for a vintage bath basin. Place the tub close enough to the fire to feel the warmth, but not too close where it becomes overly hot. Place a stool next to the bath to help you in and out, as well as to use as a spot for your bath products. Place candles around the tub for an overly dramatic and elegant bath experience. Situated near the fireplace, you can soak at night under the stars, with the warmth and glow of the fire.

Bold Colors and Accessories

Paint the outdoor brick using bright and bold colors for a dramatic outdoor deck design. Use bright reds and oranges for an inviting space. To complement the newly painted brick, use outdoor rugs in colorful patterns and designs. A dramatic focal point such as a fireplace needs seating and accessories to tie everything together. Place a simple dining table over the rug to create an outdoor dining space to enjoy with friends and family. Around the dining table, place lanterns filled with tealights in flower pots for a warm glow at night. Suspend them from poles for a functional and elegant light at night.

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