Ideas for Exterior Patio Surfaces

An exterior patio is an important location in any yard. With an exterior patio, you can set up tables and chairs and provide a flat, sturdy surface to set your fire pit and grill. One difficult aspect of constructing an exterior patio is choosing from the several different patio surface options available. With the right information on the different surface options, you can choose the right patio surface for your outdoor needs.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are specifically designed for the construction of patios. They are made from the same materials used to compose traditional brick--clay. These pavers are thin and have a flat bottom, making them easier to lay and to set. Many people prefer this material, because brick is a classic staple of American architecture and design. Its varying shades of red often distinguish the patio from the grass, making it an attractive contrast to your lawn. One important aspect of brick pavers is that, like traditional brick, it comes in varying shades and is easy to match your brick pavers with your brick home. This helps the patio seem like an original aspect of your house's design.

Concrete Pavers and Slab

Concrete pavers are a fairly recent development in patio construction. Concrete pavers are much more diverse than the name implies. They range in colors from sandy to dark brown and are a good choice if you want a natural stone look without the high price. Made from concrete, these pavers are designed like brick pavers with a flat bottom. They are durable. Concrete pavers help provide a modern look as opposed to the traditional look of the brick paver. A concrete slab is another reliable option for exterior patios. A slab is easy to build and takes the least amount of time. The patio is simply created from pouring concrete in a specific area set apart by wood borders which are removed once the slab dries. With the availability of concrete paints, you can choose from a wide variety of colors to paint a simple concrete slab patio. Colors range from light pink to black. These paints are readily available online and from most home improvement stores.

Stone Pavers

Stone pavers are carved from a natural stone like sandstone or granite and shaped into pavers. These pavers are the most expensive of your options for your exterior patio surface. Each stone will be different, helping to create an individual look for your patio. Landscape supply companies provide the largest selection of these types of pavers. Granite types will differ in their color and grain consistency. When choosing natural stone pavers, you should examine them carefully. They are natural; some will have flaws.


Slate is one of the most popular patio surfaces. Like natural stone pavers, slate is more costly than the brick or concrete options. Slate comes in several varying forms, ranging from natural sections (large sections of stone) to tile pieces. The tile sections range in size, but they provide a classic look for a patio surface. Sections are normally pieced together with concrete grout; however, slate in this form has been used longer than any of the other patio surface options. Slate is most widely available at landscape supply companies.

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