Decorating Ideas for a Large Patio

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When thinking about decorating your patio, treat it like a room outdoors. In the summer months it may even be used more than the rooms inside your house. When decorating a large patio, it is important to use items that are in proportion with the area. For example, items that are too small, such as furniture and plants will not provide an warm, intimate area and may make the patio look bare.

Furniture and Lighting

Consider the size of the furniture and chairs you want to use. They should be in proportion to a larger patio. Choose a rectangular table that can seat up to eight people. Add a table umbrella to provide protection from bright sun or light rain; choose a large enough one to cover your table. Additional seating helps to fill in more space on your patio, creating a more intimate atmosphere. Think of using a couple of lounge chairs and additional chairs, possibly with footstools. Decide what kind of look you want, using wicker, metal or plastic. Add seat cushions for comfort and style. Throw rugs add color and create warmth on a large patio. Choose lighting to add ambiance to a large patio and complement the furniture you use. Some popular types of lighting include torches that can be placed around the outside edges of your patio, creating a border; solar lights used to line a walkway; and string of small white lights strung along the top of a wall or fence lining your patio. Whatever you use, remember to dim them or turn off to have a better view of the night sky.


Think about cooking the cooking area on your patio. Consider what type of grill you will use: gas or briquettes. Gas grills heat up faster and are easier to light than briquettes, but briquettes give a nice smokey flavor to the food. Choose a grill that will best accommodate the number of guests you plan on entertaining and be proportionate to the size of a large patio. A small, round grill, for example, will look out of place. Built-in kitchens work well on large patios and this is a great option if you do a lot of entertaining outside. Luxury options include refrigerators and sinks.


Decide what type of plants you will have on and around your patio. Plants add a welcoming touch and bursts of color. Small potted palm or evergreen trees add a warmth to a large patio. Use planter boxes to create a wall or design benches with built-in planters. Make use of a variety of sizes and styles of containers to give you plants that are easy to move around. Also consider hanging baskets around the edges of your patio. Hedges and bushes make wonderful borders around the patio, too.

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