The Best Way to Cool Down Pool Deck Concrete


Concrete pool decks are efficient and inexpensive decks to install around your pool, yet in the summertime they become painfully hot and almost impossible to stand or walk on. However, there are a number of different ways to cool down a concrete pool deck.

Spray It Down

Spray down your concrete pool deck every morning and then do it again in the middle of the day. Use your hose and make sure to keep the desk wet and soaked. The concrete itself won't heat up much until the water has totally evaporated; it will become tepid and warm, but that shouldn't really matter when people are swimming in the pool. This uses a bit of water and might raise your water bill slightly over the course of the summer. But it may be the most efficient and inexpensive way to keep your concrete pool deck cool.

Repaint the Concrete

Darker colors absorb more heat from the sun, while lighter colors reflect and release heat. If you paint your entire concrete pool deck a lighter color, the concrete will remain cooler over the course of the hotter summer months. Just keep in mind that a lighter colored concrete pool deck will also reflect more light, possibly shifting the problem around the pool from burnt feet to temporary blindness.

Refinish It

There are many different types of temperature-moderating materials which can be applied over a concrete base, and this may be the perfect solution for lowering the overall temperature around your pool. A cool deck can be built up over the existing concrete to provide better traction and offer a layer between the concrete and the sun, which will make the entire area around the deck cooler. A brand name for this type of product is Kool Deck. This is a more expensive solution for lowering the temperature of the concrete around the pool and will completely change the look of your concrete pool deck.

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